Sunday, May 10, 2009

Self Assessment

This class has proved to be a valuable experience because it forced me to do explore communities and family lifestyles that I would not have otherwise.  I was forced to do things that were out of my comfort zone which led to knowledge that I would not have gained. Walking through Newark made me wonder why I knew so little about it yet live so close. That experience made want to learn more about the community. Overall I enjoyed this project and feel it was worth the time spent because it expanded my horizons on an area I knew so little about.


  1. I agree that one of the best parts of this class is forcing us to getting out of our own comfort zones, as you put it. Without it, the possibility that as teachers we could be so remote to our students is incredibly high.

  2. Hey Nick I am so glad that you have learned so much about Newark and urban education from the course and research. Like you I have learned so much about the community and I actually live in the community. I hope that you will consider teaching Newark because I have noticed from reading your blogs that you are very open minded and willing to learn about others who are not like you, or live in the same area as you do. Getting out of your comfort zone was great!!